Coaching Application

Welcome Coaches to the 2023-2024 season!

We want to thank all coaches that coached at all levels last year and hope to see you all applying this year. See the new application process below and make sure to get your application in on time.

All applications are due by August 1, 2023.

Application Process


WCYHA will be moving to a new process but as always we encourage all WCYHA members that would like to apply for coaching to do so.

The biggest change to the process this year, pertains to coaches at the 10u-14u levels. Applying now puts your name on the list and does not necessarily guarantee you will be selected to be a rostered or skill night coach.

All interested 4u-8u coaches looking to coach should apply, as on-ice help is extremely crucial to development and practice coverage. We prescribe to the “all hands on deck” approach for these levels.

Once all applications have been received, the Director of Hockey and the Coaching Director will confer to identify head coaches and skill night coaches for 10u-14u.

All selected 10u-14u head and skill coaches will then be notified to complete their USA Hockey registration and all other coaching requirements.

Rostered assistant coaches, practice coaches and off-ice coaches will be selected by the head coach after tryouts. Those selected coaches will also be notified to complete their USA Hockey registration and other coaching requirements.

4u-8u coaches can start on their certification requirements right away.

Coaching Options

Application options are a head coach, assistant coach, skills night only, or Off-ice coach.

Head Coach: Primary coach of a travel team (10u-14u), plans team practices, rostered bench coach.

Assistant Coach: Rostered bench coach, assisting head coach with practices and team development. 2-3 assistant coaches will be selected per team at head coach's discretion.

Skills Night: Should have high hockey knowledge and ability to adapt drills for skill groups, identify, instruct and correct bad habits.

Practice Coach: A non-rostered coach available to help at team practices. Head coaches will be notified of all practice coaches available to their team.

New This Year:

Off-Ice coach: A new option that the head coach can use, in exchange for a 3rd assistant on the bench, for any off-ice training (shooting room time), video collection and classroom help, or locker room help.

Volunteer Hours

Squirt thru Bantam

  • Rostered Coach: 30 hours (max. 4 coaches per team)
  • Non-Rostered Coach (Practice, Skill night, or Off-Ice): 15 hours


  • 8u Lead Coach: 30 hours
  • 8u Coaches: 15 hours
  • Selected Travel Coach: additional 5 hours

Mighty and Mini Mites

  • 4u & 6u On-Ice Coach: Full credit (appropriate to level)

Coaches with multiple levels will only be credited with the highest level they are coaching. (Ex. Coaching 6u and Rostered coach at 10u, will receive 30 hours for coaching.)


For all coaches selected at the Mini-Mite level and above (Ice and Ice-Lynx); you need to complete the following:

Intro to Hockey, Little Ice/Lynx & Mighty-Mite coaches only need to complete Safe Sport training and the Background Screening.

Coaches at the Mini-Mite and Mite levels may remain at Level 1 (or their current level) as long as that is the only level they are coaching, even if their certification has expired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the amount of volunteer hours go down for 8u coaches?

Historically 8u coaches, that were not the 8u lead, did not receive their full hours for coaching and instead it was a partial amount. The hours given for the 22-23 season were done so due to the hours not being spelled out in the coaching application, so more credit was given that in the past. We are moving back to "the norm" for hours awarded.

What happens if I'm not selected as a rostered coach or skills coach, but I'd still like to help out?

We will still need coaches for team practices. This is where practice coaches come into play. Once teams have been selected please reach out to the head coach to inquire about ways you can still help and participate. Our Intro and Try Hockey for Free programs will always need coaches, so there will be plenty of opportunities to help during those sessions.

How do I know if I need to renew my background check or Safesport?

When you login to your USA Hockey account you can find the status of each in your coaching profile.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on "My Profile' in the top navigation
  3. Click on "Coaching Information' and you should see sections for Safesport and Screening, if they have a green "Verified" then you're all set, otherwise it will have a red "Renew"



Please complete this registration by August 1, 2023, to be considered for a coaching position for the 2023-2024 season.

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