Community & Association Fundraising


Starting at the 8U Mite level each family is obligated to contribute to the fundraising efforts of the WCYHA. Those expectations are divided on a per-skater basis as follows:

  •  $175 for the first skater 
  •  $125 for the second skater 
  • $75 for the third skater

How do we earn money through fundraising?

We offer several fundraising programs throughout the season including but not limited to:

Scrip (Raise Right) - available all season long

Wreath Sales - Fall

Kringle Sales - Fall/Winter 

Kwik Trip Ultimate Car Wash Card Sale - Spring 

Different fundraising programs have different profit margins. A sales sheet will be provided at the time of the sale to help you break down the price structures.

For more information about individual fundraising programs please click on program buttons under the Association Fundraisers Tab on the side panel.

How will we know when fundraising events are happening?

All programs and their updated information will be available on the WCYHA website, Facebook page, and through the use of association-wide emails. This will include important dates like program deadlines and product pick-up dates.

It is your responsibility to make those deadlines. It is not the responsibility of the Fundraising Director or the Association for items not picked up or not delivered. For all events and sales, it is your responsibility to check any order before leaving the pick-up location. If you are missing items after you leave, there is no recourse unless it is noted at the pick-up event with the staff present and the issue is notated. You are also required to sign off on your pick-up that the order is correct.

What if we do not want to participate in the fundraising programs?

You can choose to “buy out” of your skater’s fundraising obligations for the season by simply making a lump-sum payment to the WCYHA on or before the March 31st, 2024 deadline.

What happens if we do not raise enough money through the fundraising programs?

You will be required to make a payment for the remaining balance of your skaters on or before the March 31st, deadline.

What happens if I earn more than my fundraising obligations?

It is possible to fundraise over your skater’s seasonal obligation. We actually encourage additional fundraising! Not only is it beneficial to you and your skaters, but it also helps raise additional funds for our association. Any overages of fundraising will be allocated with 50% coming back to the association and the remaining 50% of those overages being a discount toward next season’s registration fees. This discount will come to you as a coupon code during the registration process. The coupon code will be emailed to the registered email address on file before the final registration date but after the pre-registration deadline. 

Are there any other ways to earn money towards your fundraising obligations?

Other fundraising programs are to be allocated as decided upon by WCYHA Board Finance committee and communicated via the Fundraising Director through appropriate channels.

Rink Boards/Donations: 20% fundraising credit applies for any NEW rink boards or rink donations brought into the new season.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Please contact the Fundraising Director and/or Rink manager to discuss those opportunities and their Fundraising Obligation allocation rates.

What happens if we fail to make the fundraising obligations and do not pay our balance?

If your financial obligations are not met prior to the due dates, your skater will not be allowed to attend tryouts. Hopefully this is never the case!


These programs are designed to help WCYHA raise money, at no additional cost to you! You can go see an Admiral's game, head to the beer garden, or eat out at a local restaurant and a portion of your sale will be donated back to our organization!

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