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2023-24 Coaching Application

Matt Feeney

Coaching Director

2023-2024 WCYHA Coaching Application Process

We have updated the coaching application process this year to encourage all those interested in coaching to submit their application. Only coaches selected will need to register with USA Hockey, Complete age appropriate modules, and required coaching clinic for 10U-14U. All coaches should be completing their Safe Sport certification and background check for Intro through 14u. Association members who do not submit a coaching application will not be chosen to be a coach.

All applications are due by August 1, 2023.

Volunteer Hours

Being a volunteer run organization, we know it takes a lot of time and effort to coach. Below is a breakdown of coaching (on-ice & off-ice) volunteer hours:

Squirt thru Bantam

  • Rostered Coach: 30 hours (max. 4 per team)
  • Non-Rostered Practice, Skill night, or Off-Ice Coach: 15 hours


  • 8u Lead Coach: 30 hours
  • 8u Coaches: 15 hours
  • Selected Travel Coaches: additional 5 hours

Mighty and Mini Mites

  • 4u & 6u On-Ice Coach: Full credit

If you are coaching multiple levels the level with the most amount of hours is what will be credited. There will be no credit for coaching multiple levels when one level is 10u or higher. (Ex. 5 hours for 4u and 15 hours for 10u Practice coach, 15 hours is what would be credited.) Coaching multiple levels 4u-8u will allow you to still combine your hours. (Ex. 10 hours for 6u coach and 15 hours for 8u coach, 25 hours would be credited)

New this year...

To help keep the number of skaters healthy, the Try Hockey for Free (THFF) and Intro to Hockey programs are essential to our association's future. WCYHA encourages all coaches to help out with these events. All selected coaches will be required to help at 2 THFF and 2 Intro sessions to receive their volunteer hours.

Coaching Certification

Intro to Hockey, Little Ice/Lynx & Mighty-Mite coaches only need to complete Safe Sport training and the Background Screening.

Coaches at the Mini-Mite and Mite levels may remain at Level 1 (or their current level) as long as that is the only level they are coaching, even if their certification has expired.

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Coaching Selection and expectations

Coaching selections will be based on 4 main categories (in no particular order):

  • Prior Coaching Experience – How many years have you coached, and at what levels?
  • Did the players have fun?
  • Did they develop as players?
  • Were the teams competitive?
  • Hockey Knowledge/Practice Planning Ability – Ability to create and execute efficient and relevant practice plans based on both individual player needs and the development goals that are designed by the WCYHA Director of Hockey and Coaching Director.
  • Prior Playing Experience – NCAA, High School, Youth, etc.
  • Prior season’s parent evaluations – All association parents will be asked to fill out end of the season coaching evaluations. The evaluation will get the parents opinions on things like:
  • Practice Ice Utilization
  • Practice Efficiency
  • Coach's Ability to Communicate with Players & Parents

Additional coaching guidelines:

  • Due to scheduling and attendance concerns, every effort will be made to limit the number of teams a coach is on. As an organization that relies on volunteer coaches, these limits may be exceeded some seasons:
  • Head coach of 1 team, OR
  • Assistant coach on up to 2 teams 
  • Head coaches are required to submit their practice plans at the end of each month. These plans will be evaluated by the Coaching Director and Director of Hockey to ensure efficiency, minimal dead ice time, and keeping with the development goals put forth by the Director of Hockey.

Attendance: To be an effective coach, the coach must be at practices and games. As such the following attendance requirements are in effect:

  • Head coaches should be at 85% of all practices/games (Typical season is 60 practices and 40 games, so missing no more than 15 games/practices – this includes Skill Night practices)
  • Assistant coaches should be at 75% of all practices/games (Typical season is 60 practices and 40 games, so missing no more than 25 games/practices – this includes Skill Night practices)

Dress code: You are expected to wear a warm-up suit when on the ice coaching (no jeans). Your options are blank, or an official WCYHA related suit: Ice, Ice Lynx, Ice Bears, or Lakeshore Lightning.

Teams may elect to hire a coach from outside of the association – they will have 2 weeks from team selection to elect to do so. Payment of the hired coach is the responsibility of the families of that team and the hired coach must meet all applicable USA Hockey rules for coaching. The hired coach needs to be approved by the Coaching Director and Director of Hockey.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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