10U-14U (Squirt/Peewee/Bantam)

Who Can Register with WCYHA?

Boys and girls, birth year 2010-20150. Following the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (WAHA), your primary residence must be located within Washington County (Germantown, Richfield, Erin, Hartford, Slinger, Jackson, Addison, West Bend, Newburg, Wayne, Kewaskum, Farmington). 

Please review the registration packet prior to registering your skater(s).


Players can begin from the age of 9 and play through age 14.


Evaluations are held in late September. Practices begin in October and your season runs until the middle of March. Games typically start in late October.


Kettle Moraine Ice Center

2330 S. Main Street

West Bend, WI 53095


Each player gets 2-3 ice times each week that are used for practices.

A detailed practice schedule will be available once the season starts.


Games will vary but typically there will be 1 to 2 games per weekend for 10u-14u levels.


Jerseys and socks will need to be purchased from the Squirt (10u) level and up (as needed).

Cost to Play

Below is a break down of fees/costs associated to play:

USA Hockey Registration

USA Hockey registration fee is age based.

2017 & Younger: $15 (+$10 WAHA Affiliate fee)

2015-2016: $50 (+$10 WAHA Affiliate fee)

2011-2014: $61 (+$10 WAHA Affiliate fee)

2005-2010: $70 (+$10 WAHA Affiliate fee)

2004 or Older: $46 (+$10 WAHA Affiliate fee)

WCYHA Registration

Ice fees are broken down by age level and there are payment plans available.

Mighty Mite(4U): $255

Mini Mite(6U): $380

Mite(8U): $480

Squirt(10U): $1055

Peewee(12U): $1180

Bantam(14U): $1380

Building Contribution

Building contribution is required for each family for 8 years, starting at the 6U Mini mite level.

$250/ family

Tournament Fee

Players 10U - 14U are required to pay a tournament fee to help share the cost of tournaments.


Gear Rental (Optional)

4u-8u skaters have the option to rent hockey gear from the association.

Season Rental: $175

$50/set and $125 refundable fee (once all gear is returned)

Jerseys (Optional)

Players 10U - 14U are required to purchase home and away jerseys and socks. (Costs are approximate)

Home & Away Jersey set: $210

Home & Away Socks: $12/pair

6U and 8U players will be required to purchase, unless already purchased, reversible travel jerseys.

Reversible Jersey: $38

Volunteer Hours (Optional)

This is only if you choose to buy out your volunteer hours prior to July 31.

8u-14u: $1200 ($40/hour; 30 hours required)

6u: $400 ($40/hour; 10 hours required)

4u: $200 ($40/hour; 5 hours required)

Fundraising (Optional)

This is only if you choose to buy out your fundraising requirement prior to July 31.

1st Skater: $175

2nd Skater: $125

3rd+ Skater: $75

Travel and Team Funds (Optional)

Travel and Team funds will vary per team and will cover costs for team events, team meals, hotels, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have multiple skaters to register is the process the same as last year?

The process is slightly different than last year. Once logged in to your account and you have clicked on the registration link, it should prompt you to either select one of your skaters or create a new skater. After choosing a skater and completing the full registration and payment, it will prompt you if you would like to register another skater and you can follow the process. (Note: all skaters from last year have already been loaded into Crossbar and are attached to the email address that registered them last year.)

I have a fundraising credit or building contribution exemption, is there a code I need to use to apply that to my registration?

The credits should all be loaded on the skaters profile, and should be available to be applied upon time of payment. For families with multiple skaters, the credit has only been applied to one skater (generally the oldest). For those families that have been in the association for 8+ years and are no longer required to pay the building contribution, there should be a $250 credit on one of your skater's profiles to apply towards the fee. For all other skaters please select the "Paid with other skater's registration" option. This is by the honor system, if the registration is reviewed and no building contribution has been paid, a charge will be made to the oldest skater's profile. Any questions regarding credits, please reach out to Amy Wundrock.

I am a new to WCYHA 10-14u Skater or a first year 10u skater and need to pick a jersey number and order a jersey, what do I do?

**Only Squirt to Bantam Skaters need to select a jersey number**

Upon completion of your registration, if no jersey number is assigned to your skater, you will have the option to select a number. The WCYHA Apparel manager will then reach out to confirm the number chosen and provide a link to order your jerseys or they will inform you a new number needs to be chosen. This is the first year of this number selection so there will be some manual process to ensure everything is perfect and no issues arise. Questions for jerseys or ordering, please reach out to Thomas Behn.

Registration is not working for me, who can help me?

Please contact the website admin with any questions or WCYHA Registrar Jennifer Spors

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