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Get a 3-ring Binder or Folder: The first item you should secure is a binder or folder to keep all the parent information, club information, player information, USA hockey rosters, team schedule, tournament information, game labels, and score sheets together. It is helpful to include a zipper pencil pouch for extra pens and a scissors. The pens will come in handy for scoring at home games.


Score sheets:
Plan to have a score sheet ready for each home game. You can find them in the Skate Rental Room in the plastic drawers under the cash register.  The score sheet is a quadrupal form (white, yellow, pink, and gold). You need to fill in the names (use game labels) before the game and get the opposing team’s stickers as well. At least 15-20 minutes before the game, give the sheet to the opposing team to fill out. You can write in the names of our players or develop a sticker label with the player’s number and name that you can stick in the area. Labels can be purchased at Office Max or the like and run off on most computer systems. Plan on printing enough stickers for all three sheets of the score sheet per game (one sticker for each sheet – white, yellow, pink, and gold). At the conclusion of the game, give the visiting team their copy, keep your copy, and put the white and gold copy back in the plastic drawer of completed sheets. 

NOTE: It is important to discuss with your coach at the outset who will be responsible for keeping the team’s copy of each score sheet. At the end of the year, in order to receive an award patch (hat trick, play maker, shutout), WAHA requires a copy of the corresponding score sheet.

Penalty Box, Score, and Timer:

For all home games, a scorer, timer, and penalty box attendant are required to run the game. These will be posted to Dibs.  It works well to have “seasoned” scorers/timers train newer parents at the beginning of the year to broaden your base of parents who know how to run the clock and keep score.

Reporting Game Scores:
Report via the website the score of your weekend games and tournaments.


Your Schedule and Finding Ice:
When scheduling, the first thing to understand is how to check your current games, your allocated ice, and any available ice (distributed on a first come, first serve basis). At the start of the season, each team will have many games prescheduled as well as allocated ice for you to use to host other teams. All this information is listed on your team calendar.  You can "tag" your team so that only your team information it on your personal calendar. You can also print just the months so you see who and when you are playing and if you have allocated ice.

Scheduling/Canceling Games:
Any changes to your home schedule need to be reported to Paul McAughey, or referee coordinator.  His email is  Please give him as much notice as possible.

Number of Games:
Each team is welcome to schedule as many games as they would like throughout the season.  Each level is alloted the following number of home games: Bantam = 15, Pee Wee = 14, Squirt = 12.  The Tournament Director will make every effort to host a home tournament for each team.  With that said, USA Hockey recommends the following as guidelines for number of games scheduled in a season at each level:

Total games with tournaments:
Squirt 30
PeeWee 34 
Bantam 38

(These do not include playoffs or state)

Other considerations:
Be careful of the caliber of the competition you play. Make the experience challenging, yet fun for the skaters. Please consult with your coaches! They should have a say about with whom you schedule games. Please make note that all divisional games that will be used for seeding purposes must be played on or before January 12th. Scores must be reported no later than January 12th. Remember, the games that will be used are the first home and first away game against those equal level teams in your division. Region 5, Division 2 teams are Elmbrook, Kenosha, Sheboygan and Washington County.


To find WAHA sanctioned tournaments, go to the WAHA web site and click on “Invitational Tournaments” and then sort by age/division. 

Tournament Fees:
Most team managers will collect money from their parents, and pay the tournament fee once they have collected all funds.  If you'd prefer, you can have your parents pay fees to the WCYHA, and then WCYHA will cut the check.  Keep in mind, WCYHA will not cut a check to your tournament until they have collected full payment. 

Annotation of Birth Facts:
Travel with your consent to treat, and your Annotation of Birth Facts (Verification of Age).


Please be aware that there may be players on your team that have life threatening food allergies. Please discourage players and parents from eating and snacking in the locker rooms. 


Please ensure this policy is being followed:

There must be an adult present with the team at all times including in the locker room.

Thanks for your efforts.


Rink cleanliness:
The cleanliness of the rink is a reflection on the club and as a team manager, you can help. PLEASE encourage your team to take pride in our wonderful rink! Pick up those stray wrappers, monitor the bathrooms and their supplies, and remind parents to watch siblings. Parents are not allowed to drop off their skaters earlier than required by their team. If the team expectation is one hour early, there must be a responsible adult present.  WCYHA players should be well behaved, well mannered, AND well supervised! Together we can help ensure the inside of the rink is as beautiful as the outside!!!!

Thank you for all your help this season! GO ICE!