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Beginner Hockey Programs

Littles Clinic, a great place to start

This is our final preseason opportunity to beginners.  This program requires no previous skating or hockey skills, and is open to all Washington County residents ages 3-12 years.  All gear is included, and drop in is available.  The practice is broken into skill groups, and skaters will start in a group that is learning to stand on skates and recover from a fall independently.  From there they will progress to groups that are learning to skate, hold a hockey stick, and control a puck.  Kids can start this program at any point within the session, and drop-ins are welcome.

Amanda Katsma

Intro Development Lead

Children as young as 4 years old loving hockey

Children as young as 4 years old loving hockey

USA Hockey Video: Full Ice Hockey from a Child's View

To demonstrate how a full sheet of ice looks to a child, USA Hockey put adult players on an extra large rink with giant nets to simulate what a child sees. The players found the games tiring, difficult and said they would lose interest quickly in the sport if that was what they faced. See how adult players opened their eyes to what is being taught by the American Development Model of cross-ice hockey and small-area games. Learn more at