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Community & Association Fundraising

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You can now fulfill your fundraising obligations by using our scrips program! Remember, once you fulfill your fundraising obligations for the season, 50% of every cent raised thereafter will come off of your registration dues for the next season! This is an easy way to reduce the costs of hockey for your family for the next year while buying things you already buy. This season's scrips program will run up to March 1st, 2020.

Rebates vary by brand, and range from 2% to 20% per purchase. All you have to do is purchase those gift cards and by signing up with our organization's code, the rebates come right back to us. No book keeping on your end and easy access for us to administer your fundraising obligations.

You can sign up at the Shop with Scrips website for free. Creating an account is easy. You will need to designate our WCHYA Code on registration. Please also open your Account Settings page and enter your skater's full name in the "Student Name" field.  Our Association's Registration code is below.

WCHYA Organization Code:


You can also pay online by setting up your baking account within the scrips program. Payment is easy and you only need to have you account set-up, and your banking routing and account numbers. There is a $0.15 transaction for purchasing gift cards online, but the rebates will surpass the administration fee. You can also elect to pay with a credit card for a 2.6% transaction fee.

Join us in fundraising for our hockey association with the scrips program. It's easy to do and there are so many brands and options available for everyone. Contact Matt with any concerns or questions.

Happy Shopping!

Physical Gift Card Purchases

If you are working with a vendor that only offer PHYSICAL Cards, these orders are placed into a batch. You can still pay online with your PrestoPay account, or you can pay the rink with a check (made out to WCYHA) but we can't order the cards until the check payment to the rink has processed. Orders for physical cards are charged a fee for shipping (via FedEx). Our plan is to batch these orders together to maximize our return on rebates within the organization. The shipping is $8.00 per order, no matter what the size of the order. Once we have 6 or 7 families ordered (with orders large enough to cover shipping costs, the physical cards get shipped to the rink for distribution. 

If you've got other questions or concerns, please get in touch. Email is always good, or you can look me up on Facebook and message me directly. (

Youth Hockey Night is OPENING NIGHT, 10/12

WCYHA Familes,

The Milwaukee Admirals have invited us to their Home Opener this year. October 12th is Youth Hockey Night at the Ads game and tickets are only $5!

Click Here to get your tickets!

This event is not a fundraiser, but it's a great time to represent how much we love youth hockey to the largest hockey market in our state! Come on out on Saturday, October 12th and join us at the Admirals Game! Wear your Jerseys and let's show Milwaukee how much we love the game!

Go Ice!

Get your $5 Seats here!

SIGN UP to Volunteer

Sign-Up for Volunteering at this event. Please only sign-up if you are available to come at 4:00 PM for training on 10/14/19.

Pizza Ranch Partners up for Hockey Season!

Ice Families! 

Pizza Ranch has generously partnered up with our Hockey Association this season on different levels. First of all, Pizza Ranch is hosting our association on Monday, October 14th. They are donating 10% of their proceeds from 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM right back to our association. We invite you all to come out to Pizza Ranch in West Bend for dinner that night. The offer is good on dine-in AND carry-out orders! Tell your friends and family to come on out for pizza and chicken on October 14th! The more we fill the place, the more money we all make.  I will also need 10 volunteers for this event, so check your email to sign up. 

Pizza Ranch has also offered a DISCOUNT CODE to our Entire Association which is valid for 10% off your dine-in or carry-out purchases through December 2020!  You can download and print the card posted to the right, or you can simply write down or save the picture on your phone. All you need to get the discount is the code itself.  I'm excited to partner up with Pizza Ranch this season, and I'm hopeful to host another night out with them in the Spring toward the end of our regular season. They also cater, so managers, please ask me about your end-of-year parties as well.  Any concerns or questions, please email or call Matt Vandermeuse.

Print This Card and present at Pizza Ranch for 10% off your dine-in or carry-out purchases. Valid until 12/31/20

WCYHA Night with the Milwaukee Admirals!

The Milwaukee Admirals have agreed to host a fundraiser night for the WCYHA ONLY on Saturday November 23rd. The game starts at 6PM, but the Admirals have invited the entire association down to skate on their ice from 2:00 - 4:00 PM. We'll have the chance to skate on the ice with the Admirals for the National Anthem, to high-five them from the tunnel as they take the ice, and to skate during the first intermission!

Click HERE to buy your tickets!

Tickets are $20/each but the Admirals have offered to give $5 per ticket sold right back to our association. This is another opportunity for you to earn your way toward your fundraising goals for the season. I know some of you may be gone hunting that weekend, but let's take over the section and show them what the Ice is all about!  See you at the Admirals game on November 23rd!


Contact Fundraising Director Matt Vandermeuse with any concerns or questions.

Wreath Sale to Start with Regular Hockey Season

I am please to announce that our annual holiday wreath sale will take place again this season starting on October 1st.  Order forms will be available as the date gets closer.

Please note that prices have changed from last season's sale as we are using a different vendor who is much more local to the association and the rink.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me directly

Pick-up and Delivery dates to be finalized soon, but looking at mid-November before the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Order due date to be finalized with delivery before October 1st, so check back here soon. Forms will  be due to me via email or at the WCHYA Office. Please also note that payment is due at time of sale. Please make any checks payable to WCYHA

Kringle Sale

I'm excited to announce that the 2019-2020 Hockey Season will bring a holiday Kringle Sale to our association.  We'll be working with the Raising the Steaks Fundraising Corporation. They're offering Kringles of various flavors as well as Pint Glasses featuring the Brewers, Badgers, Bucks, and Packers. (I know, we need an NHL team!)  They make great gifts! 

50% of all profits will go toward your skater's fundraising obligations for the season. The sale will start right after the Thanksgiving holiday and run for approximately 10 days. We'll have enough time to get all items delivered before the Christmas Holiday.

Dates to come soon, so watch your emails and contact Matt with any concerns or questions.

Corporate Sponsorships

The success of all the events, tournaments, and teams at the KMIC relies greatly on the generosity of local businesses. We greatly value any contributions.  All sponsorship contributions go directly to underwrite the costs of putting on tournaments, awards, and keeping the game of hockey affordable to the boys and girls in our community.

We have a new list of sponsorship opportunities for our Business Community.  They start as low as donating gift certificates for our raffles and advertising in our tournament brochure to sponsoring our new computerized LED Road Sign, or as simple as posting your logo on our website.

Sponsorship opportunities are listed below.  Please contact our Fundraising Director, Matt Vandermeuse, if you have questions or are interested in sponsoring the WCYHA at any level.

2019-2020 Fundraisers available for Sponsorships

Halloween DJ Skate-Party

NYE DJ Skate-Party

DJ Skate Parties -Dates TBD

Matt Vandermeuse

Matt Vandermeuse

WCYHA Fundraising Director

Phone: (414)737-3431

Buffalo Wild Wings Kickbacks

All KMIC Members & Friends -

Every time you eat at BWW there is 10% donated to the rink! Inform your server that you'd like to kickback toward the KMIC and 10% of your bill will come back to the KMIC and the WCYHA.

Please show your support when you eat at BW3's!!!

Questions contact Matt Vandermeuse

FlipGive is still going

FlipGive is a website that when you shop through their site the vendor will give a portion of your purchase to the Association.  Brands like Nike (20%), Hockey Monkey (10%), Under Armour (15%), Gongshow (20%), Apple (2%) and many others are available for purchase.  You can search your favorites.

This form of fundraising costs the organization nothing, and there is no additional costs to you. Spread the word and share the site!

Please consider shopping using FlipGive this upcoming hockey season.