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Player Development

Eddie MacDonald

Director of Player Development

2013-2014 Goalie Development Program

The Attack Pad

Director of Player Development, Eddie MacDonald, encourages WCYHA players to work on their stickhandling at home.  One of the best methods to do so, is with the use of an Attack Pad.  Players can use a normal puck on the surface, giving them a real feel and slide of the puck.  Click the video below for additional demonstration.

Attack Pads can be purchased through our in-rink Pro-Shop, Hockey Haven!

2013-2014 WCYHA Stick Handling Program

Included in the document below is a turn-key 30 minute off ice stickhandling program designed exclusively for WCYHA by Rene Cranston who is also an instructor at Turcotte Stickhandling Schools.  I have encouraged all SQ, PW, and BT coaches to implement this exact program into their off-ice training at a minimum of 1x per week.  This program should also go beyond the rink and we need to continue to encourage our players to work with the Attack Pad and other stickhandling training aids at home in the basement, driveway, garage, etc.. 

For our ADM players, the program can easily be implemented at home or away from the rink.  Stickhandling is a skill that will provide tremendous return for all players who devote the time and energy to work on this individually.  A big thanks to Rene Cranston for working with WCYHA and helping our players further develop their skills.


Please let me know if you have any questions (coaches@wcyha.org) and good luck with the program and enjoy it!

Eddie MacDonald
Director of Player Development
Director of Coaching

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